Preparing For Tough Mudder

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So today’s the day. My brothers and I are going to do Tough Mudder together in exactly 2 months. And that means it’s time to start training.

What am I going to do to train?

1) Continue three 20 minute P90X sessions per week (my normal routine)
2) Play soccer once a week (again, my normal routine)
3) Jog 3 miles twice a week, pushing up to 4 miles the week before the race.

That’s it. I sort of dread #3 because I hate long distance running. But I’m going to need the endurance to make it through a 10+ mile obstacle course race.

Fedor FTW!

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Fedor looked incredibly disciplined and patient in his fight against Monson. Never got suckered into the ground. Didn’t flail wildly and get caught by surprise. And he just completely dominated, Anderson Silva style. Those systematic kicks to the leg just completely wore Monson down. All in all, I don’t think Fedor took a single clean shot and this was the first fight in ages that he didn’t bleed.

Nice bounceback victory. Now I’d love to see Fedor apply that same discipline against a better fighter.


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I’m not a soccer player. The last time I played soccer was almost two decades ago.

But I crave competition. And yesterday I got to join a pickup game of soccer at nearby University of the South (Sewanee).

In sunny, 90 degree, humid weather no less.

And I held my own. Felt like I was a kid again. Love it. Hoping for more of it.

(Soccer, I discovered, is a sport that results in natural sprint/burst training)

UFC 126 Silva vs. Belfort Fight

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I’ll be the first to admit that I thought Belfort posed a formidable challenge to Silva. I seriously thought Belfort had a decent chance at out-muscling Silva in the 1st round.

So, what can I say? While I can’t stand the guy’s attitude, I think that last night Silva earned the title of the world’s top MMA fighter. The guy drives me crazy. But he’s a phenomenal athelete.

And don’t get me started on the absurdity of that Steven Seagal kick. What a great way to end a fight… but please…

The Burpee Roundhouse

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I enjoy inventing my own exercises to keep things fun. Recently, I was trying out the Cave Burpee workout and found myself extremely bored.

So, about twenty burpees in, when I came down from the jump, I quickly nailed my heavy bag with a Muay Thai roundhouse kick (subsequently alternating legs with each burpee). I always do the kick without first entering into a fighter’s stance. This way, the Burpee simulates getting knocked off balance by my opponent, and the kick acts as a counter-strike. Plus by kicking off the jump, I get to practice a variety of kicking positions.

… and burpees are fun again.


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I train MMA. Fedor is my hero (yeah, he got caught in the trap of a BJJ master, big deal).

I had this poster printed out to keep me focused while I work out.

There’s dinosaur daddy. There’s dinosaur!

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Last night while watching the Phillies, Eliot said “There’s dinosaur daddy. There’s dinosaur!”

“That’s the Philly Phanatic, baby. He’s dancing.”

“Dinosaur dancing daddy. Dinosaur dancing.”

“Look daddy. Dinosaur ride ATV too.”

Phillies Dominic Brown Is A Keeper

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Saw his first MLB game tonight. Looks like a star. Runs like a sprinter.

And what about the Phillies? 7 straight? Starting to get excited. This is the team I expected at the beginning of the year.