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Are you an adult? How often do you play?

We’re mammals. Play is in the fabric of our DNA. But as modern adults, we suppress it. Or we let others do our playing for us (professional athletes).

I’ve been trying to make play a more integrated part of my life (several times a week) and today I overdid it. I played 1.5 hours worth of indoor soccer and 1.5 hours worth of basketball. Now I’m dog tired.

But you know, I’m better for it. I had a blast. I feel great. And now I’m going to rest up for the Warrior Dash on Saturday!


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Out of the mouth of babes comes such simple wisdom.

On Facebook, a friend of mine posted his four-year old’s interpretation of the parable of the leaven:

“Like the world cannot grow without God, bread cannot grow without yeast.”

Call me insane but…

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I love being physical.

September 17, 2011 – Manchester TN – Warrior Dash

April 22, 2012 – Pennsylvania (with my little brother) – Tough Mudder


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When I consider the incredible things going on inside my body at a microscopic level, the things that give me life, I am left breathless. It is like another world. A different planet. Marvelous and wonderful.

Great Vacation

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I take my life for granted sometimes, especially with all the freedom I’ve been blessed with (largely a result of owning my own company and working for myself). When you have something so abundantly, it tends to blend together and become mundane. But sometimes I wake up from my slumber and am truly appreciative.

This past week, I got to:

1. go to a Phillies game with my dad and brothers
2. go camping (damn mosquitoes;)
3. go out on a motorboat and go tubing
4. go out on a kayak
5. swim in a lake
6. visit with old friends
7. visit with my parents
8. eat steak, scallops, pork chops, shrimp, flounder, salmon, omelets, tiramisu, cannoli and all kinds of other goodness
9. read an enjoyable novel on the beach
10. drink beer around a campfire
11. take a long walk along the shore

That’s just for starters. Life is full.

Government Insanity

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Part of the reason I moved out into the country was to escape this kind of government nonsense.

There is a freedom that you feel in your soul when your government (including local police) is not hovering over your every innocent move.

The Proof is in the Pudding

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I haven’t jogged in about 4 years. And generally, I’m philosophically opposed to the activity. Ironically, during this same time period, I’ve become more physically fit than at any other point in my life.

I’ve embraced the notion of aiming for optimal human fitness: to minimize stress, minimize workout time, yet maximize my overall functional abilities. Generally, I workout about twice a week for about 20 minutes each workout. Lately, I haven’t even gotten my workouts in, but my functional base is still present, it just hasn’t been called on in a while.

Today my brother was running a July 4th race so I decided to join in. As I said, I haven’t jogged in about 4 years. My only preparation for this event was to eat some brownies and ice cream yesterday and some pastries this morning for breakfast (I am at my parents after all, and they find ways to get me to consume more carbs in one week then I do the entire rest of the year).

I didn’t stretch. I didn’t warm up. I just started jogging with everyone else. And when I say everyone else, I’m talking a fit group of people. These people were mostly under 25, and I didn’t see a single obese person. There was one very brave blind man running the race, and seeing him inspired me to give my best.

I also noticed that I was about the only person wearing heavy, cumbersome cross trainers. Everyone else was ramped up for the jogging activity. They had nice running shoes and many looked like they had jogged a few times leading up to the race. I suspect most of them did.

The race was only 4 miles. Not a marathon. I’m not even suggesting that I could have run a marathon nor that I would have wanted to run a marathon. I was doing this to share an experience with my brother, and to challenge myself.

I ended up finishing in the top 25% out of 800 participants. I’m a 32 year old man. I had done no preparation. I don’t think I had worked out a single time in the last 3 weeks (maybe a few sets of pushups and pullups which I just do randomly when I feel like it) and as I said, I hadn’t jogged a minute of the last 4+ years of my life leading up to the race.

Finishing in the top 25% of the race, and seeing myself improve by about 30 seconds each progressive mile, brings a huge smile to my face. The proof is in the pudding. Functional fitness works. Preparing your body to handle any physical challenge the world throws its way is a lot more rewarding and a lot less time consuming than training your body to do just one specific task (jogging).

Framboise Raspberry Lambic Beer

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Note to future self: you sure did enjoy this stuff in your late 20′s and early 30′s.

Note to current self: let’s learn how to make it.

I’m usually not into super sweet drinks (unless it’s American Honey). But ever since I can remember I’ve been a sucker for Framboise Raspberry Lambic Beer.

My Farm

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Now has… 7 chickens. 5 goats. 2 cows. 1 dog.

Fun times.

Tweaking My Diet

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For a while now I’ve known that I need to consume less cashews and more fish. Instead of thinking about it, this week I’ve taken the plunge and started acting on it. And I feel better already.

Here’s to doing!

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