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I just discovered that I’m a Pantagruelist.

a certain jollity of mind pickled in the scorn of fortune – François Rabelai

It is that odd cast of mind which allows one to see the corruption everywhere, including in oneself, while still loving the world. – Caleb Stegall

We believe that to suffer one’s place and one’s people in the particularity of its and their needs is the only true basis for finding love, friendship, and an authentic, meaningful life: to live in love with the frailty and limits of one’s existence, suffering the places, customs, rites, joys, and sorrows of the people who are in close relation to you by family, friendship, and community–all in service of the truth, goodness, and beauty that is best experienced directly. The discipline of place teaches that it is more than enough to care skillfully and lovingly for one’s own little circle, and this is the model for the good life, not the limitless jurisdiction of the ego, granted by a doctrine of choice, that is ever seeking its own fulfillment, pleasure, and satiation.

- The New Pantagruel


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