Great Vacation

July 11, 2011 | Filed Under Micah 

I take my life for granted sometimes, especially with all the freedom I’ve been blessed with (largely a result of owning my own company and working for myself). When you have something so abundantly, it tends to blend together and become mundane. But sometimes I wake up from my slumber and am truly appreciative.

This past week, I got to:

1. go to a Phillies game with my dad and brothers
2. go camping (damn mosquitoes;)
3. go out on a motorboat and go tubing
4. go out on a kayak
5. swim in a lake
6. visit with old friends
7. visit with my parents
8. eat steak, scallops, pork chops, shrimp, flounder, salmon, omelets, tiramisu, cannoli and all kinds of other goodness
9. read an enjoyable novel on the beach
10. drink beer around a campfire
11. take a long walk along the shore

That’s just for starters. Life is full.


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