Cheap Portable Pygmy Goat Shelter

April 13, 2011 | Filed Under Tips 

I was looking for a good solution for a portable pygmy goat shelter and couldn’t find anything that would fit my purposes. All the plans I found either cost too much, weren’t really portable, or didn’t have good, goat friendly anchor systems.

For less than the cost of all the do-it-yourself, part-by-part systems I found online, I ran across this ShelterLogic 6x6x6.5 E Series Shed. It weighs about 50lbs (meaning i can pick it up and move it myself). It anchors down quite elegantly without a bunch of tether strings for goats to chew on or trip over.

I put it together in about 1 hour, by myself (with a little help from Eliot:). And that was with a fairly serious hiccup (failed to align two holes that needed aligning and then couldn’t get the pipes separated… ended up leveling it out with two screwdrivers).

Unless the goats start chewing the tarp, so far this has been a great solution.


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