Adding Another Chicken Perch

April 5, 2011 | Filed Under Tips 

I just got done adding another chicken perch to the portable chicken house this morning. Thought I’d share what I did for anyone else who has more chickens than perch space.

First of all, you want to make sure there’s enough space in the chicken house. Don’t pack them in too tightly.

Second, you need to choose your materials. In a natural setting, chickens perch on tree branches. So if you can find a solid, mountable, tree branch, go for it. I opted to use a wooden closet rod. Some people choose to use 2×4′s but I went with the closet rod because it seems more like a tree branch and I have an aesthetic and functional preference for doing things naturally. Whatever you choose, you’ll need some kind of bracket. With a closet rod, the easiest solution is to buy some sockets. Try to get sockets that give you some wiggle room for the length of the rod (like an inch or two).

Third, take some measurements (how long the rod should be, location of brackets). Give your chickens enough head room, but also try to get off the ground at least a foot or more. It’s also a good idea to set the perches at different levels (i think this is called laddering).

Finally, just take a saw (a hand saw works great) and cut the rod to the right length. Install the brackets. Slip the rod into the brackets.

And that’s that. Took me about 20 minutes. The hard part was driving the 12 foot rod i’d purchased home in my truck:-) In Eliot’s words: “Daddy, why’d you stop the truck and get out?”


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