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March 16, 2012 | Filed Under Health, Micah 

I’m working on 2 fairly substantial pieces for this blog but they are taking longer than I expected. Now is a great time to email me with a question about health, life, relationships, etc.. Anonymity will be preserved. For example, here’s one I got the other day:

You talk a lot about being the best you can be, just because, not to impress women. At the same time you’re always talking about what attracts women. Seems like you’re contradicting yourself.

Yeah, you should make no compromises. You should genuinely always be aiming to be the best person you can be (this of course depends on having a goal, a “mental role model” of what the best you will look like). Being the “best you” you can be does not mean “be lazy” – it means “keep improving yourself”. One elegant thing about this universe is that when you work on improving yourself, it pays natural dividends. It’s easier to display social value. What I describe on this blog is this natural lock and key dynamic. When you work on the shape of the key, it does a much better job of unlocking the lock. In other words, when you aim to be the best human being you can be for its own sake (unlocking the door), you discover that there’s a whole lot more on the other side of the door than you expected. So build skill because of the skill. Not the women. But in the back of your mind, you can rest assured that the confidence and social proof that come with the right sort of skill have some very rewarding side effects. The first skill I’d start with, as the base of being a better person, is getting fit. Because your body affects your mind. And that’s who you are.

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