If you only read one novel this year…

March 9, 2012 | Filed Under Small Talk 

Read The Brothers K (not Karamazov). It’s amazing.

It captures every sort of human psychological and relational dynamic you can imagine. With precision and accuracy and humor.

Fathers. Lovers. Mothers. Professors. Students. Teenagers. Wannabe revolutionaries. Ideologues. Factory workers. Baseball players. Preachers. People who live in the mind. People who live outside of the mind. Introverts. Extroverts. The cunning. The naive. The guilty. The innocent. The enlightened. The enlightened about the enlightened.

It even gets little things about the mating game right. Such as the magical power of eye contact. Or the way sex loses its depth and becomes mechanical and empty and sterile (but still pleasurable of course) when it’s done purely as an act of self-gratification.

Or the way attraction sometimes puts us in a punch-drunk-love state of mind and causes us to do stupid things, like alienating our visiting brother for the chance of cheap sex with a girl we just met at a bar.

The guy who wrote this book, David James Duncan, has lived with his eyes open. Read it!


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