Healthy is more than Hot

March 9, 2012 | Filed Under Health 

There’s no doubt that hot = healthy. It’s really a simple equation. Fitness = Hot = She’d Make Healthy Babies = Healthy.

The thing that most people don’t realize until they actually get fit (I know I didn’t) is that there’s more to being fit than being hot. A lot more.

Being fit allows you to express yourself more fully. It allows you to do things you couldn’t do before. It allows you to think more clearly. It allows you to compete in sports that you have no skill at (like me and soccer) just because you’re faster and stronger and more agile. It allows you to go on long, glorious hikes. To climb the side of mountains. To train with MMA fighters. To run 10 mile obstacle courses with your brothers. To see waterfalls and rivers you never had access to before. To jog 3 miles without breaking a sweat. To sprint like mad from a charging cow;) And then jump over a 48 inch electric fence.

Being fit allows you to live more fully. So don’t just do it because you want to be hot, though you will certainly be that (yeah, yeah, maybe not as hot as her… the one up there … but that doesn’t really matter, now does it?)

Get fit because it’s how you’re supposed to live. It’s what you are. A human being. So be fully human. Get active. And thrive.


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