Dealing With Shaming Language

March 7, 2012 | Filed Under Tips 

I have two boys. They are growing up in woman’s world. One in which the shaming of men is normal, but the shaming of women results in outrage. I don’t envy them.

But I can prepare them.

One of the fundamental principles I will teach them is to take what most women say with a grain of salt. That is to say… very, very lightly.

When the girls in my boys classes claim that girls are superior to boys (as inevitably happens) and as this idea gets reinforced in the media, I hope that I have taught my boys to laugh it off. To be independently strong. To tease them back. To not let the empty words get under their skin.

In principle, when women (or the media) are using shaming language and you feel it getting under your skin, you can remind yourself of the absurdity by going through a list like this:

- who built the houses that the girls live in?
- who built the roads that the girls drive to the mall to go shopping at?
- who built the malls that the girls go shopping at?
- who built the technology that powers their iPhones?
- who engineered the airplanes that fly the girls on their vacations to the Bahamas?
- who’s directed pretty much every great movie in the existence of humanity?
- who wrote the software that runs the Internet and Facebook?
- who basically built everything that we depend on on a daily basis?

Call bullshit. And then smile. And then live the life that you want to live.

Laugh at the losers. And be the best that you can be.


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