Politically Non-Ideological

March 6, 2012 | Filed Under Politics 

I’m as politically non-ideological as they come. I’ve voted for Ralph Nader. I’ve voted for George W. Bush. And I voted for current President Barack Obama (and no I don’t regret that decision one bit, it was the best of the available options). I’d also like to vote for Ron Paul.

What disgusts me more than anything about the current political atmosphere is the tribalism. The ideological blindness. The unwillingness to think clearly.

A former English professor of mine posted to Facebook that Rush Limbaugh is an atrocity. I agree that Limbaugh’s comments were rhetorically over the top and inappropriate. However, what bothers me more than Limbaugh’s comments is how the Left has gotten riled up into a blind, double-standard political frenzy. I would take their uproar and rhetoric a whole lot more seriously if they applied it without regard to political ideology. In fact, I’d probably agree with their only defensible point: that we could really use higher standards of civil discourse.

However, they do not apply it uniformly. Misogyny (and I might add, misandry) are pervasive throughout the political spectrum.


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