When you’re in a nasty funk

February 25, 2012 | Filed Under Tips 

I don’t know about you, but about 90% of my time in life is spent in an awesome rhythm where things are going incredibly well and I feel like I can just ride the wave forever… it seems so easy. You know… all the habits and activities you’ve incorporated into your life are doing their thing and you say to yourself “damn, i can’t fail.”

And then you hit this nasty funk. The other 10%. Where everything feels like drudgery and hard work. Successes seem hard to come by. And you can’t seem to get yourself back into that rhythm.

You’ve got to break the cycle and rebuild momentum.

Here’s how I deal with it. First, I remind myself how good life is when I’m in that natural rhythm…. things are going along smoothly and life is full of joy and excitement. Then I pivot. I try to think of the easiest thing I can do to get myself back on the right track and regain some momentum. A lot of times that’s just a walk outside in the sun, or a quick workout, or preparing an enjoyable meal. Just do something productive. Something that makes you feel accomplished. Getting momentum back is key. Especially if you can chain a few positive things together.


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